"We offer a comprehensive range of commercial and residential property management services, tailored to your needs. Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to establish a strong, on-going relationship, built on trust, transparency and integrity."

What we do

We offer tailored solutions to meet your specific property management and advisory requirements.

Our team is highly skilled and covers facilities management, rental and arrears collection, accounting and tax services, operating expense reconciliation, body corporate management, tenant negotiation and the facilitation of due diligence investigations.

Lead by one the most experienced property managers in the Illawarra Anthony Fitzgerald’s team can quickly and effectively meet your property management requirements.

We manage a top quality portfolio, including national tenants all leasing A Grade commercial premises. 

Our clients are varied and include a range of investors, trusts, private family investors, international investors and local institutions.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Landlord On-line Portal
  • Body corporate management
  • Facilities and maintenance management
  • Rental collection and debtor control
  • Tenant Online Portal
  • Tenant liaison and dealing with issues
  • Tenant outgoings collection and budgeting
  • Monitoring tenant building repairs and maintenance
  • Property inspections
  • Coordination of landlord building repairs and maintenance
  • Rental reviews and negotiation to agreed parameters
  • Coordination of property law and legal issues affecting the property
  • Organisation of Warrant of Fitness, building and statutory compliance
  • Leasing coordination with appointed agents
  • Reporting to client requirements
  • Property accounting services in graphical format within our owners portal

Owner and Tenant Portal

Our On-line Owner and Tenant Portal (above) is available to our commercial and residential clients

What sets us apart

Specialised accounting and reporting software

We use software specially developed for the property management industry. Flexible, functional and easy to use, it automates many of the otherwise repetitive accounting processes. 

The software allows us to store and maintain a comprehensive spectrum of data relating to properties, tenancies and their management. 

With robust billing functionality, and easy recovery of expenses using invoicing templates, all bank balances and transactions are transparent and visible on our network at any time.

With our top of the range software, we are able to provide you with accounting and management reports covering all practical aspects of property management and consolidation of accounts.

We provide our property owners access to our “live portal” which displays up to date information so you can View statements, financial reporting, ongoing maintenance, upcoming events, inspection reports and more.  Access to your portal is from the #myrealestate service platform unique to the #therealestate.  

Quarterly inspections, scheduled maintenance and uncompromising standards

For commercial and industrial buildings, we have scheduled maintenance and tenancy liaison programmes.

Up-to-date and efficient record keeping and auditing processes

We take a formal systematic approach to record keeping, paying accounts, recording income and expenditure, keeping leases and documentation up to date and maintaining insurances and building Warrants of Fitness. 

Our accounting and reporting is designed to ensure smooth amalgamation with our clients GST returns, and auditing documentation and formal records for annual accounting purposes.

Preferred Trades Register

We have a long-standing association with quality tradespeople, with known performance in the industry. 

We have a Preferred Trades Register, with tradespeople working to agreed scheduled rates. The economies of scale are passed on to you and your tenants.

Discounted insurance

By using one broker, we can often obtain bulk discounted rates otherwise unobtainable on a single property basis. These cost savings are passed on to you and your tenants.

Competitive supply contracts

Our extensive database allows us to analyse gross occupancy costs to provide you with economical and cost effective occupancy costs.

We find you only the best tenants

All of our vacant premises are summarised in a simple format and circulated to all of our salespeople, with regular follow-ups. 

We leverage our extensive industry network to benefit our clients, ensuring leasing opportunities are maximised.

Let us work for you

Request our #Investment Health Check and discover the difference.