"Our approach will add value at every stage of your project, from original concept, right through to branding, marketing and sales."

Getting started

Before we define a unique position for your project in the market, we interrogate it from every angle this Includes: 

  • Overall concept
  • Proposed product mix
  • Current pricing thresholds
  • Location factors
  • Target market/s
  • Reviewing the competition
  • Advising on project floor plans

This disciplined approach removes the guesswork from this crucial stage of your project.

"Once we have absolute clarity around your project and have confirmed its unique positioning, we have a consistent platform for marketing."

At every stage the buyer experience needs to reflect this - from their first glimpse of an advertisement, until opening the door of their new home or work place we have the full spectrium covered: - 

  • Selecting the project manager and the specialist sales team for your project
  • Planning sales strategies and setting sales targets
  • Collaboration with our specialised brand agency
  • Setting a comprehensive and appropriate budget and timeline for marketing activities and much more


We'll build early momentum by launching your project to known leads, media and key influencers, well before the main campaign begins.

As well as securing early sales and creating a buzz around the project, these initial sales forays help us test and fine tune our tactics before the main campaign begins.

Your sales campaign

While the focal point will be your dedicated and specialist sales team, working from the display suite, they will be closely supported by our network, who will be spreading the word about your development.

Project reporting

At any point we can show you exactly how the sales campaign is progressing, with realtime information, customised for your project and available to view on any device.

Buyer communication

We'll keep your buyers well informed, from signing the contract right through to settlement day.

We'll build a brand that sets your project apart.

This includes:

  • Developing a striking name that represents the attributes of your development

  • Creating a unique brand identity, including logo, style and colours

  • Generating collateral that will capture the imagination of your buyers - including sales brochures, display suite boards and site hoardings

  • Designing the ideal website - from wire framing right through to build and SEO

  • Interactive touch screen displays

  • Developing an advertising campaign that is both robust and flexible.

"We don’t just say we are Project Marketers and Managers we know we are, its in our DNA"


Integrated into our core operating platform is our Project Management Software. this enables #therealestate  to keep track of your projects and stages, manage your listings, settlements and stock lists, and efficiently manage all of your project enquiries, 

Our unique platform has the capability to manage land estates, apartment buildings, commercial projects, mixed use or smaller developments. We will keep your listings and settlement contracts together, and keep track of who has enquired so we can keep them updated as the project progresses.

This allows our developer partners to easily track key stage dates through our comprehensive reporting and keep all project databases of contacts updated as you release new stages. Our functionality includes the ability to save maps, plans and documents against a stage for quick access and easy disbursement to buyers, solicitors and all other relevant stakeholders including financial reporting to your nominated institutions.  We understand development projects and the margins associated with each product, thats why we are cost effective and have the capacity to tailor a solution that takes the stress out of project administration allowing you to concentrate on getting the building out of the ground and ready for the next project.  

Integrated Project Marketing Website

We include in our service the development of an integrated Project Marketing Website allowing potential buyers to register interest, display key project information, release new information, such as maps, plans and other materials as you progress through the project.  The website will be uniquely branded with the chosen design option developed during the planing stage of the project.  The website will be built and designed to attract interest from identified target markets crucial to the pre sales process giving momentum to your project from day one.  Administration of the website is all done in house so project information can be quickly added ensuring the relevance of content at all key stages.    

Let us work for you
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